Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Chrome as your default Browser

As many of you loyal followers of my work. That would be clients who, over the years has pretty much used whatever programs I suggest to use, including the Avant Browser as their default/main web browser, simply because we all know just how badly the Internet Explorer has been, not to mention riddled constantly with security problems. The Avant Browser is still my choice as the Internet Explorer (IE) replacement, since it emulates the Internet Explorer exactly. Whereas websites will think you are actually using the Internet Explorer as it loads the page the same way. 
You should be now using the Google Chrome browser as your main/default source for web browsing, for many reasons. The first being security. It is the only browser that was not cracked at the recent hackers convention (IE was first).  Other reasons to use Chrome as your main browser would be because it provides built in .pdf support, flash support and automatically updates to the latest version each time there is a new release. Note the Avant browser is now providing this ability by notifying you which is great, and they have  added  download manager/sandbox support which is great too, but I am still finding after updating of the Avant browser, certain settings within your profile are not being saved and/or certain settings are being returned to the default status, causing a number of people to question what the heck is going on and because this is typically something I would connect and correct for you, I am trying to limit the need to connect each and every time there is a new browser update which is quite often if the browser people are on top of the security issues, which they typically are.
If you haven't made the switch as of yet and aren't sure how to proceed in doing so, simply contact me and I'll point you in the right direction, I hope, as I believe I haven't steered you wrong yet if you are still one of my loyal followers!