Saturday, April 14, 2012

Laptop Battery-Should you remove it?

It seems some people like to think removing the laptop battery is going to 'save the life' of the battery. All be it is not being used, any battery manufacturer will tell you that there is a life of any battery, whether it is used or not and typically a battery that is not charged will not last as long. Therefore removing your laptop battery simply because you are using your laptop as a desktop machine where it is virtually plugged in to AC power all the time, in order to save the life of the battery is not only something you should NOT be doing but has many negative results if you do.

A laptop doesn't really require a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) because of the fact it already has a battery so if/when the power does go out, your computer will simply switch to the internal battery. Unlike most UPS units that will provide your desktop with 10-15 minutes of power, depending on the size of the unit, your laptop will probably provide you with a few hours of extra life. Not only that, but it will allow you to power down your computer gracefully, just as a UPS would do.

Also, most laptops built these days have pretty good battery management built right in to the BIOS and/or software that is shipped with your unit, that automatically calculates and controls the battery life much more accurately then you could ever do.

The bottom line is you should realize that you will be lucky to get a full 3 years out of any battery. That is, 3 years where it actually holds more than a 50 percent charge. Since a battery will typically lose about 15%-20% per year.  What you can do if you are using your laptop as a desktop machine where it is plugged in all the time, is to simply unplug it while you are sitting there using it.. when it runs down to the point that it is telling you to plug it in, then do so.  By performing this simple routine at least once a month will ensure your battery gets the most life possible.

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