Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paragon HDD MGR-The importance of Backup and creating an image.

This is certainly not the first time I have discussed backing up your computer. In fact I highly suggest each and every computer have an off-site backup service installed to it if it every is connected to the internet. BACKBLAZE is the service I suggest and you can take advantage of this link for a 2 week free trial. Considering you are backing up your data for less then 1 cup of coffee per month I should think it is worth it.  Especially when you don't have to pay for other services like Antivirus, which we all used to do in the early days of the internet.  Now you can use AVAST for that and you are completely protected from viruses, but since the viruses are less of a problem these days, with Malware/Spyware being much more of a concern, it is the various utilities/tools you use to remove them. For this you should visit the TIPS page for more information and download of the various software programs like CCLEANER and MALWAREBYTES.

Besides having the off-site backup, you should be taking care of your computer on a local level with the creation of a disk image. If you have an external hard drive you can quite easily save this image to that device and so in the event of a major problem you can always restore the image. This is a lot faster then having to re-download the off-site backup as that is only saving your data. You would still have to first reinstall all of the programs and with the creation of the drive image, it simply restores your system to the way it was at the time you created the backup image. I currently use Paragon's Hard Drive Manager and highly suggest this program. With this you do not require an external drive as you can create a 'backup capsule' which is a hidden partition on your existing hard drive. Since most hard drives are very large these days, taking a portion of it to be used as this backup capsule is not a problem.  Note however, if you ever had troubles with the hard drive, you may not be able to access this partition (in the case of a complete hard drive failure) this is why it is always important to have the off-site backup from BACKBLAZE.

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