Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No Agenda Update

Dear Producers and Supporters,
As you know, I have personally promised you an establishment of new titles for No Agenda Royal Family of Executive Producers. You can expect that any long time listener to the show will eventually receive one of these tributes along with whatever free coded adornment we finally decide upon.

Initially all Knights were sent a Knight’s ring which we are still providing free for you until we run out. The show will then begin to ship pins similar to the small pin received by members of the Order of Canada shown below.

The No Agenda pin will be designed to be tasteful yet identifiable by other No Agenda producers like you. Note that any meeting in any bar may result in a Challenge coin challenge and free drinks. (See previous discussions).

Many of you, the most active producers who contribute consistently, have requestedthat we expand the Knight category of recognition upward with new titles for specific high-level contributions. Only two Barons have been created and that will change in the months ahead as we iron out new proposals. For starters, many of the current Knights will be moved to Baronet and Baron. Our major patron, Sir Steven Pelsmaekers will be elevated to Grand Duke.

The question is which of the other classic peerage titles do we want to use from the list below? I have outlined a reasonable proposal later in this newsletter.

First, let’s see what is traditional. This list is probably as definitive as you can get for universal peerage as used by the UK, Germany and Russia with variations in Spain and Portugal. These are the areas where this sort of system was perfected. It is still employed in an honorary fashion in many of the still existent Monarchies.
This list starts at the bottom and increases in rank and prestige: Knight/Dame, Baronet, Baron, Viscount, Count/Earl, Marquis, (Prince), Duke, Arch Duke, Grand Duke, Monarch, Emperor/Czar

The Proposal
I am proposing the following peerage for the No Agenda Producers based on number of knighthoods respectively held or donated to others.

Knight/Dame – Single Knighthood. Baronet – double Knights. Baron – triple Knights. Viscount – five time knight. Earl – lucky seven time knight. Duke – 10X knight. Arch Duke 20X knight. And finally Grand Duke magic 33X knight. All NA Producers at Baron, Earl and Duke will be assigned (on request) a part of the world to govern. Grand Duke Sir Pelsmaekers has the Dukedom of Belgium/France, for example. Your feedback is appreciated.

We will be in the process of attempting, with the help of the producers who do their own bookkeeping to figure out who already has these new titles based on overall contributions to the production of the No Agenda Show. Be patient.

In the meantime, get started on collecting a Dukedom! It’s only a matter of time. Visit the NA Support page here.

John C. Dvorak

Unofficial Peerage Secretary
PS In two weeks we have our 500th show. Please visit here and here to help us celebrate and get double producers credit!

Thanks for being part of the No Agenda family!