Wednesday, December 04, 2013

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Thursday Show

If you follow the incredible number of investigative videos on You Tube regarding Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombers, events that fell within our 6 week timeline, you have to wonder how anyone can believe anything they are told by the media insofar as murderous public events are concerned.

Sandy Hook is especially out of the bag with hundreds of You Tube videos discussing in great details the event and its anomalies.

There are hundreds on interesting presentations, many good but time consuming. On this You Tube page you can get some indication as to the sheer number of amateur gumshoes piecing the puzzle together. 

What your No Agenda show tries to do when there is a deluge of presentations is touncover the story behind these presentations too. For all you know this in itself is part of whatever process is going on to more deeply disturb the public. In other words, the Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Navy Shipyards and LAX stories are still being deconstructed by your No Agenda Show to see the big picture. The one that makes sense.

And, according to schedule, there should be some sort of event occurring around December 15th. This is a risky time of year to pull a stunt since Christmas Shopping and the “retail numbers” are not to be messed up by some ill-conceived exercise.

In recent months, we have had various fundamental public institutions and events involved. Schools, public marathon street event, government facility and airport. The Kenya Mall shooting should have covered the mall venue. All that is left that would get great attention is a major sporting event. Dvorak has already witnessed the sudden addition of security at a baseball playoff game. Curry found no such security at a recent Texas football game, yet. Are tests underway?

It would be an employment and sales boon to have to equip the whole nation with mandated devices and armed patrols at all sporting events. Thus an event at a major sporting event is necessary. We will discuss how this works on the Thursday show and what you might expect as we head off into the playoff season for college and professional football.

No other show covers or even discusses this sort of speculation from this perspective. The big corporate media seems either clueless or part of the game. After all, it does mean sales and customers. And with massive advertising controlling most of what you read and hear, there is only one place to turn: your No Agenda Show. You must make sure that No Agenda continues to be your key link to reality and actual incorruptible objectivity. Keep the show alive! Contribute any amount you can affordtoday by clicking here.

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