Wednesday, March 19, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

 No Agenda

After a hectic week and a show 600 celebration, we want to remind you that that the show still needs continued support and generally suffers a letdown after a successful moment of celebration. If you have not contributed recently or if you have never contributed to the show, please do so for show 601 tomorrow by clicking here.

On tomorrow’s show, we confirm that the six week cycle is intact with the arrest of some idiot who again was prompted by authorities to allegedly support terrorism by supposedly wanting to sneak out of the US to get sales training from Al Qaeda. This is classic six week cycle stuff where some stooge is groomed by the government to fit a model they can hold up to the public and proclaim they are doing a great job of protecting America from the threat of terrorism.


The new face of terrorism

Finding weak minded individuals in the USA is apparently not difficult. Many end up supporting political causes or end up helping charitable organizations or working at IBM. They are the lucky ones influenced by good people and turned in the direction of service or employment.

Terrorist plot foiled!

It’s often just a matter of peer group pressure. This is why you want your children to hang out with the “right people.” Most people, at an early age, can be led astray. The fact that the US Government has a program that leads the most susceptible into wanting to become terrorists is appalling. But no news show other than your No Agenda Show calls this negative influence, training and entrapment for what it is. Both the right wing (FOX, AM Radio) and the left wing (MSNBC, CNN, print media) will be on board with this capture citing it as another great example of grabbing a would-be domestic terrorist.

It’s laughable.

On tomorrow’s No Agenda Show your hosts will discuss where this six week cycle event fits into the scheme of things.

Also you’ll get continued coverage of the missing 777 with a discussion of this photo supposedly showing the plane parked in the middle of nowhere.


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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS If anyone did not get listed as a show 600 producer, please let us know. The next milestone is show 666! Yikes.


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