Saturday, June 14, 2014

No Agenda-Saturday News Letter

Dear Producer,
Consider this a No Agenda Emergency. Lost support.

No Agenda had the worst support last show in two years. No Executive producers. No Associate EP’s, nothing. As this goes out we once again have NO Executive producers. WOW. This is your show, support it. Click here and give what you can genuinely afford to give.

If you have never contributed, now is the time.

And this Sunday is Father’s Day, all you who make any Father’s Day donation byclicking here, will get a call out by name on tomorrow’s show. No anonymous donations, so people contributing any amount using this link will get a call out. What better gift for the show and for Fathers everywhere?
It’s possible that we’ve lost some of our audience do to the fact that too many of the early listeners were not paying attention and remained on a Mevio RSS fee that we left two years ago. It continued to work until last week but suddenly shut down for good. Were they the only ones becoming executive producers?

Adam put together an explanation here.

But I do not see this group as being totally responsible for the missing donations. The entire No Agenda family came up short. This is not good.

Those of you producers getting this newsletter are urged to contribute something (anything) to show 626 by clicking here. This means anything. The show needs executive producers too. Consider that if you haven’t before.

Compare the 24-plus hours of No Agenda you get every month and what it is worth to you? A dollar an hour? Five dollars an hour. What do you pay for a 90-minute movie? It’s rare that a movie gives you important insights and analysis. What does an audio book cost? What is the price of a good book?

If you are listening to our show, you should consider its value.

What is Karma worth?

Please help us for tomorrow’s show. Click here for the Support page or click here for the PayPal page.
Your co-host,

John C. Dvorak
PS It will not be in time for the Sunday show, but also think of sending checks directly to No Agenda Show, Box 339, El Cerrito, CA 94530.
PPS Wish us a Happy Father’s Day too.