Thursday, January 22, 2015

Windows 10 is coming-what you need to know!

The latest version of Windows will be named "Windows 10".  Since the current version is Windows 8 (8.1) you may ask why is it not Windows 9?  The main reason is because the 2nd major release (windows 3.1 being the first) of the Windows brand was Windows 95 and because there is a 9 in it, they feel this will disrupt some programming code, thus they skipped Windows 9 and moved on to 10. 

  • Windows 10 beta releases have been out for some time and there are currently over 1.7 Million Beta Testers (me being one of them).
  • Windows 10 is a free upgrade if you are already using Windows 7, 8 (8.1) for the first year. The main reason for this is because Windows 11 will be almost ready for release, if not already.
  • Windows 10 Mobile (phones) will sync settings with the desktop now and will integrate things like Skype for calls and messages.
  • If you are using a Windows phone/tablet (mobile) then you will also get free office suite apps.
  • XBox users- The app will allow more social networking--good for gaming obviously.
  • Internet Explorer is dead-Spartan is the new name of the built-in Windows 10 web browser.
  • XBox One games will stream to Windows 10 PC's.
  • Windows 10 has advances to include AR(Augmented Reality) and Holographic support for future devices which will have the "Hologram" branding.
  • Along with the AR support, Microsoft will have a "Microsoft HoloLens" which is a headset to support the Holographic programs.
That's all for now.. for all those using pre-Windows 7 computers.. time to shut it down and get yourself a new one. I suggest familiarizing yourself with windows 8 so the free upgrade to 10 will be uneventful.  Those using windows 7 already--no need to go to 8 at this point. Windows 10 will be a much more refined and faster version of Windows 8 so you won't be missing much and will most likely have less frustrations when you do make the free upgrade to Windows 10.