Tuesday, May 26, 2015

17" Laptops on the rise?

I was recently visiting the local Costco store,where it is always a good place to buy a computer--they offer a 2 year warranty--not that you should be buying a computer based on it breaking down, but it is a nice incentive. I would never suggest purchasing an extended warranty when asked by those other computer retailers--not worth it! 

To much surprise there were three different brands of 17" laptops available to choose from. Noting Apple stopped production of their 17" MacBook Pro a few years ago, it would seem they were on to something. But then again that was back when the small netbook was making a run at the market. Now it seems those that are replacing their old desktop models are looking for a desktop replacement laptop and the 17" model has always been a good choice.  Since you probably aren't planning on flying anywhere with it, the 6 pounds + weight is not going to be a factor, nor will the more limited battery life. Although you should probably see over 4 hours on most of these now--that's plenty of time to get through a movie (or two).  

With Windows 10 right around the corner (expect to see it mid-August?) whatever you choose to purchase now, it will be Windows 10 ready, for the free upgrade so no worries!