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Another Institution Fails


Dear Producer,

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In a no-growth economy with increasing competition many reliable operations fail from what are often small missteps. Radio Shack is a prime example. The only buzz they generate now is about the deal you can get on the clearance items.
Small communities, in particular, are going to miss their Radio Shacks when they need that one item and they cannot wait two days.

Would you personally miss the No Agenda Show? Yes you would, especially if you did not do your part to make the show successful and healthy. Most people receiving this note have never contributed to the show, not even a small subscription. Others gave a little in 2013 and as far as they are concerned that should be good enough.

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There is nothing like it and the reason is because the show takes no corrupting advertising monies.The show is not produced to shill for some razor company. It's done to inform and analyze, period.
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