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No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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I’ve personally had a fascination with the gif shown below. It appears to be taken at a dance, probably a rave. Two young women are highlighted going nuts over the beat in some fashion that appears to be insane. No music is this exciting and I would guess some sort of drug usage, probably ecstasy, involved. Maybe not, who knows.
The image, besides being hilarious, has a frightening quality because it makes you wonder how this sort of frenzy can be channeled into political fanaticism. This is not an unusual process in various primitive societies.
Another image collected shows a group of young boys target shooting for Islam, or so it seems. Years ago in the 1950’s this would be the age of American children who might be playing cowboys and Indians with cap guns. I’m not sure I’ve even seen a cap gun for a decade or more. And if anyone suggested their use as a toy that person would be condemned by the community.
These sorts of considerations are what make the No Agenda Show unlike anything else you’ve ever heard. It’s more than just a show. It’s a community of thoughtful people braking away from the controlling media that creates fear and uncertainty which is used to manipulate the public.

It’s unhealthy to walk around fearful and controlled by the government media coalition. It’s also confusing to reconcile what officials say and what they do with the reality of things. No Agenda is for you and needs your continued support. Please click her for a plan from the support page or click here to contribute whatever you like.
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