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Dear Producer,

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in the USA and most other parts of the world. I’ve always suggested that Mother’s Day was invented by Hallmark cards, but indeed it as aninvention in West Virginia by an Anna Jarvis in 1908. Beginning as a celebration of her mother it was one of those things that clicked with the public and was institutionalized by Congress in 1911. In the early 1920’s Hallmark came along with its cards.

Extolling Mom has come and gone throughout the eons and was probably due for an official comeback as a quasi-holiday around WWI. Wilson made a lot out of it.
Here at No Agenda every year you are offered the chance to have your Mom forever memorialized on the show with aspecial call out for your mother. What could be a better gift? With a No Agenda Donation of $58.16 (representingMay 8, 2016) the show will extend the donation segment with you wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom. Click here.

Make sure you give us her name in the PayPal “special instructions” or comments option. Otherwise it will just be to your Mom with no name. This is a great opportunity to help the show and wish your Mom a Happy Mother’s day.
And, as usual, you can donate any amount whatsoever by clicking here and knowing every contribution helps.

And Happy Mother’s Day.
Your co-host

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