Saturday, May 28, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

Hopefully the Americans receiving this newsletter are having good fun over a three day weekend. These holidays are never good news for the No Agenda Show. In fact, most media suffers when it has to compete with beer and barbecue.

You should find this the perfect moment to contribute something to the show. Whatever you can afford so we can leave miserable May intact.
Consider a few moments of silence while watching sports and drinking.
Every year May is one of the worst months for us. This year is boosted by the crazy election news and the incredible spectacle we are witnessing for the first time in history.
And your No Agenda Show is the best analyst to help you cross these rivers of half-truths and lies. What other show gives you alternative interpretations of the events you are witnessing. This is necessary, to an extreme, in this political season where dirty tricks are being played out by everyone.
You learn that George Soros is financing the Mexican flagged protests in San Diego. But why? What is in it for him to promote Hillary who is all-in with the big banks? Perhaps he is secretly supporting Trump and is financing these protests to create a backlash. What is the point of all the Mexican flags, for example? It seems counter-productive and could create backlash. But who says Soros is paying for the flags? These could appear to be part of the protest but be added by the Trump tricksters.
Our advice to you. Ignore these reports as they are someone’s scam. This all needs discussion and what other outlet will even broach the topic let alone analyze it.

I was highly amused by this article in the Times discussing the decades of bogus research about how important breakfast is for your well-being. This entire idea was a grand scheme – a publicity stunt – designed to sell breakfast cereal.

Suddenly every news outlet is telling us that breakfast is not important at all. No Agenda immediately asks why now? Why does this pour out of numerous news outlets now and not 5 years ago, or never. If there is another agenda emerging you can be sure your No Agenda Show will find it.
Why is this important to you? The system of society we live in is designed to separate you from your money (by selling you junk) and to separate you from your common sense (cognitive dissonance)Let No Agenda guard reality for you.

Those of you who have recognized the value of this work have continued to support the show. This is important. If you have not helped lately then start today by clicking here.

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