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The network news was slow because of the coverage of the Olympics and its emphasis on heartbreaking feel-good stories of all the athletes and their lifetime quests being fulfilled.
It was funny how now they are referring back thousands of years insofar as recordsare concerned as if the event was continuous since Greco-Roman times.

Today’s Olympics began in 1896. Exactly how this event can legally keep an iron grip on the term “Olympics” is a mystery to me. Everyone is in on the scam. In fact, there is zero connection to the historical games.
Also the event is sanitized to an extreme. Zero coverage on NBC or its affiliates about the massive protests around the venue and throughout Brazil. Very little mention of thetoxic conditions in the outdoor bays were many events take place. Rio is known for dumping tons of raw sewage into the water surrounding the city. You have to go to news sources in the EU and Russia to get these reports.
Thirty-two tonnes of dead fish have been cleared out of the lagoon where Olympic rowing and canoeing events take place at Rio 2016.
Anti-Olympics Protests Ignored by Big Media
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