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Dear Producer,

As you can imagine tomorrow’s show will be a whopper, a classicNo Agenda was the only news analysis show who saw through the media obfuscation, bullcrap polls, CIA meddling, and questionable meme promotion.

Your show told you about the idea that people were not admitting a preference for Trump because it was not politically correct.

The lack of free speech in Universities and within liberal circles led to this “surprise.”

This had to be an awesome benefit to our producers none of whom were surprised by any of it because it was deconstructed on the show to an extreme. In fact No Agenda lost listeners and producers because of this accurate analysis that they did not want to hear, falsely interpreting it as boosterism.
"Will No Agenda get the helps it needs?"
No Agenda now needs to rebuild the base. Many are gone for good.

We continue our offers from the last newsletter here:
Triple Executive producer bonus for $880 in celebration of upcoming show 880.

Sack of lucky 8’s $88.88

Tomorrow you will get the finest deconstruction of the Trump victory over Hillary and what to expect in the months ahead. Despite conciliatory speeches by both candidates the haters keep hating and what does that mean for the future?
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Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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