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Many of the supporters and producers of No Agenda know that the show keeps them sane in a world of random and often contradictory news. It’s possible that this sanity also stems from the act of contributing to the show itself.

So this story set off trigger warnings when the headline: Happiness from Being Generous Has a Neural Basis Within the Brain, caught everyone’s attention.

Then came the subheadIn a study on the psychology of giving, MRI scans revealed that an area of the brain linked to generosity triggered a response in another part related to happiness.

According to the researchers many of the supposed rationales for contributing to a show like the No Agenda Show have little to do with concepts such as boosting one’s standing within a group, but are actually physiological in nature and health-inducing. Become a Duke today!
Now this seems self-serving at this point, but it does explain what people say about how much better they feel when they donate. It’s true.

While knowing this new knowledge probably will not drive people to contribute when they do not want to, it does help prove that No Agenda is good for you. And the process of contributing to the show is healthier than buying the show (if it were for sale in some way).

This is remarkable.

It’s good news for the No Agenda doldrums because there are probably one or two who have been listening and while never donating. Maybe they will want to feel the effect. Try it once, if you have never donated. See what happens.
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