Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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New Live Show Tomorrow

Dear Producer,
You, hopefully, loved the musical clip show last Sunday. A lot of you said so on Twitter and in email. One fellow said it sucked and groused about missing the normal show. Well, that’s back tomorrow and it’s hoped that one guy (a non-donor BTW) is happy with the results and helps support the show in ways other than complaining. Take out a $33.33/month subscription by clicking here.

Today is the last palindrome day with 7-19-17 and we now look for something different as we approach show 950. So we are offering a show 950 donation in dimes or $95. Click here and help the show.

Although tomorrow’s show will thank contributors and producers for two shows, it doesn’t look as if it is even close to double the amount of help the show gets from two episodes. The funny thing is that these special shows are a lot of work.

If you thought so then click here for a no BS random contribution.
Tomorrow’s show will include the wrap up of the Curry trip to the EU and back with ribald tales of the TSA. Dvorak, meanwhile, went to Los Angeles to visit with some friends in “the business’ and will do a little Hollywood reporting. What do they think about Trump down there?
Today's thought. The next time you hear a tease on TV news such as “Next, the ingredient in your cabinet that turns out to be the most dangerous chemical in the world if mixed with this one everyday household product. We’ll tell you what it is right after this message.” Think to yourself, why are they forcing me to watch a commercial? Tell me the product!! Then when they come back from commercial they may stall and push off the “valuable” information one more block with another tease.
And whatever happened to “we’ll tell you RIGHT after this message?” Screw them. Think of No Agenda and think of contributing. Do it today -- Click here.
Many thanks,
John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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WTF?? Is she serious?
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