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A good example of what No Agenda can provide you is feet on the ground in-depth looks at certain events. This week an anonymous London  producer  loaded me up with a goldmine of pictures of the protests in London over Trump’s meeting with the Queen and the Prime Minister.

There was some pent-up demand for a good protest from the earlier suggestion that he visit Parliament.  That was wisely cancelled and eventually an off-site meeting was managed. These are exclusive to the No Agenda Show and not meant for an American audience.
The Londoners, irked about Brexit and any number of grievances, loaded up and put on one of the most rude and anti-American, anti-capitalist, pro-EU protests imaginable. You could see the underpinnings of the anarchists, socialists and climate change folks along with raw anti-Trump hatred promoted by the UK MSM led by the Guardian. You might also suspect MI-5 and MI-6 in conjunction with the CIA also having something to do with the messaging,

It’s noteworthy to understand the goals of this protest. One thing is to associate Trump with Brexit as if he had something to do with it. This is both to promote the do-over and make sure Brexit is defeated in the next round.
Your No Agenda Show will be doing some analysis of the messages over the next few weeks. Enjoy the treasure trove of often humorous hate signage below.

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Offensive vitriol in London streets largely unseen by American audience.
Pre-printed signs were available everywhere. You could take a subway into town and grab one right there.
Or visit any number of tables full of signs.
Trump was also associated with the Tories for good measure.
The Guardian made sure to have these pro-immigration signs out using the "Hope" meme. I find it peculiar that a news organization would produce advocacy posters.
The blimp.
Not sure what the "gun ban" poster was about in a nation that has already banned guns.
Exactly what Trump has to do with the British health care system is a mystery to me.
Go back and look. The guy in the foreground in the yellow hat seems to show up a lot, taking pictures. Maybe a reporter? MI-5?
Hardly any of this massive protest, let alone the signs were shown to the American public, I sense this was because the MSM did not want to incense the Republicans who might come out in droves to vote against this sort of offensive and profane vitriol. And this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding this cache of photos.
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