Monday, July 02, 2018

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Why Building Relationships Is the Marketing Secret No One's Talking About

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Themelis Cuiper - I love technology. I mean, in today’s world, who doesn’t? It makes our jobs easier, it connects us to more people than ever before and it continues to make new things possible. Related: Relationships…

Facebook is shutting down Hello, Moves and the anonymous teen app tbh due to ‘low usage’

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TechCrunch - Facebook, the world’s largest social network with 2.2 billion users, is all about scale, and so today it announced that it would be sunsetting three apps in its stable that simply weren’t. Hello, Mov…

The FBI, FTC and SEC are joining the Justice Department’s inquiries into Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica disclosures

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TechCrunch - An alphabet soup of federal agencies are now poring over Facebook’s disclosures and the company’s statements about its response to the improper use of its user information by the political consultanc…

Tesla Hits Production Milestone at Last Minute, Workers Pushed to Breaking Point | Breitbart

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Chris From Wisconsin - Tesla’s stock jumped by approximately six percent this week according to Business Insider, coinciding with the company reaching its self-imposed production goal of 5,000 Model 3 sedans a week. The co…

The role of 5G in transforming tomorrow's smart cities - Tech Wire Asia

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Tamara Dull - GOVERNMENTS and vendors working on smart cities are doing a great job of bringing people closer and making services more seamless. However, there’s a gap when it comes to making processes and decisio…

What's Behind the Employee Revolts at Amazon, Microsoft and Google?

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Redstage - What do you get when you cross advanced technology with war and government surveillance? Hundreds of unsettled employees, hundreds of thousands of distressed individuals and an incalculable amount of…

Five key considerations for implementing AI personalisation

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Redstage - Personalisation; everybody knows they should be doing it, but not everyone knows exactly how best to achieve it. The ubiquity of platforms like Facebook and Amazon has lead to a seismic shift in user…

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