Wednesday, September 19, 2018

No Agenda Newsletter

No Agenda Newsletter

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Dear Producer,
A lot of action this week including the MSM assertion that two puppets (inanimate objects, in fact) are somehow gay. More importantly, and to re-introduce birthday celebrations, BuzzKillJr, John’s son is turning 33 –yes 33 on Saturday.

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BuzzKilljr was once, before Aric the Shill, the bookkeeper for the show and did a lot of research on the kind of funding used for No Agenda. Through research he found a lot of counter-intuitive facts about the value-for-value model and how to make it work.

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Tomorrow’s Show already looks like an eye-roller, especially with the “revelations” about Bert and Ernie, the gay puppets. Also, a look at the assault accuser of Kavanaugh plus a lot of insightful coverage of the EU from Adam who is staying there while his apartment in Austin is filling with local bats because he left the window open.
The biggest news of the week is that Trump finally declassified the controversial FISA warrant allowing the public to see what really happened instead of what we were told happened.

A lot of reporters are aghast at this and instead of chomping at the bit to get some cool source material they are saying this is a bad idea. How any reporter can act this way is no mystery. They are obviously paid as assets by some Intelligence agency to act this way. Thus, they are not reporters at all. Good discussion to come.
Tomorrow’s show is a must. And, yes, there will be commentary about the Emmy Awards.

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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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It apparently has a couple of arms attached.
I'm guessing photoshop, but who knows, Nobody is going to ever find out.
Hollywood: A vision of glib.
Jane Fonda as a young actress. Always working it.
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