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Epstein Depositions Released


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Baseball players taking a knee.
If everyone from every race in every sport at every game takes a knee during the anthem, what does that prove? It's time to stop playing the anthem at sporting events, period. These games are neither military-related or patriotic.

Tomorrow you will hear about the latest twists and turns regarding Covid and the new normal where people are now called out for not wearing a mask when they are alone going for a walks by themselves with nobody nearby. This is exaggerated by the news media cashing in on Covid.

Meanwhile, the sealed Jeffrey Epstein papers have been released. If you downloaded the 2000+ pages via a torrent from here or there, you got the good stuff. You will hear about it in some detail tomorrow.
Settle for Biden
Another trend to discuss on the show.
And ask yourself a question. Where are the pictures of the Ghislane Maxwell arrest? When Roger Stone was arrested for lying to the FBI – a procedural violation—they brought out the SWAT team plus a CNN camera crew. Compare and contrast please.

There is a lot to be covered on tomorrow’s show.

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