Monday, December 13, 2004

Problems sending or receiving email?

It appears Symantec (Norton Antivirus) has done a little number on itself as of late. I have recently learned that the latest send/recieve problems that some of my clients have been having are due to a corrupted .dll file within one of the latest updates. This little corrupted file has made it so that the email proxy that is, re-directed scanned mail, is not allowing the mail to get through. Thanks to a client that spent well over an hour on the phone with Symantec. It seems there is a fix for it available from the Symantec website, however I am suggesting you simply wait for the latest LIVE UPDATE to fix this problem. As you should be doing, the LIVE UPDATE each and every day anyway, this problem should fix itself. What to do in the meantime? You probably are already using the WEBMAIL from your internet provider but if you haven't been, or you simply want to go back to using outlook/outlook express, then you should go to Norton's website and download the latest patch. This method will work however if you are not that computer literate, you might want to just hold off and let things work themselves out as it should when symantec incorporates this in to the LIVE UPDATE. Using the webmail feature has its benefits... the first being the fact you can select all the mail you DO NOT want to read, that is either spam or simply junk mail, and can send it to trash, leaving you with only the good mail, which you can either leave on the server or download to outlook/outlook express eventually when it starts working again. Personally, I always suggest using webmail when travelling or if you are on a dial up service, as this will allow you to only download the mail you want, cutting the time greatly when it comes to downloading over a dialup connection.