Friday, April 01, 2005

Incredimail is spyware. The longer you use it the worse off you will be.

Ok so you have done a search and read all the controvery over Incredimail. You will read some places that it is not spyware. Infact if you read this article, from who other than incredimail themself in their defense. From first hand experience in removing this and many other programs that function the same way... starting on windows start up, of course you can turn this option off, but you can not turn off the dedicated "ad channel" that become apparent when you use the program. Yes, you can upgrade to the "pro" version which allows you to turn off this ad-pushing feature (note you must turn it off from the options menu, even after you have paid for the pro version). But is that it? No, it is not it.. in fact no matter what you do, your email that you send is still going out with active script which kindly places a cookie on the receivers computer. Haven't you ever wondered why it is you get email to "try incredimail for free" emails? This is because you have, at one time, opened an email from someone that is using incredimail.

The kicker is, the longer you use this program, the more email addresses you are sure to accrue in your address book since this is typically done by every "reply" you make. This is fine but what happens when you tire of this email program or for "backup purposes" want to backup your address book and use it in outlook express. You can't! Yes, that is because incredimail only allows you to export it to their own file association. Note there are other utility programs that claim to work (yet I have not found one that worked and welcome it). What I have ended up doing is printing the address book out and either copy/paste or simply reinput. (I don't personally but pass this information on to my client, the unfortunate person that was not aware of this).

Do yourself, and your computer technician that will end up fixing your computer when you have one too many viruses or spyware to allow your computer to function normally.. just don't use this program. There are many tweaks that can be done to your existing "outlook express" or "firefox" email which will allow you to send your message with stationary.

Note I will not link to Incredimail since I do not want your computer to even receive a cookie since it too may find its way to your spyware bin.