Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I don't know how to make it any clearer--if you install Kazaa or Limewire, then expect to have viruses as well!

It seems a never ending story, computer guy comes over to fix a computer that is "running very slow" and the first thing you see when you look on the system tray is that dreaded K icon! As well, in the quicklaunch tray is teaming with programs, all of which are also running in processes (in the background). Did I mention the home usually has a teenager in it? This is typical simply because it is that age group that is currently wrapped up in... Rap and all other forms of music--to fill up that mp3 player. Please do everyone a favour and don't install these programs. WinMX is the only one that I recommend at this point when it comes to any form of peer to peer file sharing. That and Bit Torrent of course but then again bit torrent I have found it used more for the larger files that are found when downloading entire TV programs. Remember you can always review the TIPS, especially for Optimizing your computer. Spyware is out of control and most of that is because of uneducated users which means they do not know any better so it is up to all that do know, to pass the word around.. Just as it is when it comes to every teenager seems to think if you don't have kazaa then you're not cool--one lesson I guess could be to pass the repair bill on to them as well. That is one way to learn the value of a bad download!