Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Although this recent CNet Blogger Peter Butler post may help those techies out there, I don't suggest just anyone attempting this sort of fix. As he makes mention of with his company computer and the IT department, this service is a critical item within the normal operating system of Windows and should be 'stopped' or worse, 'disabled' by the person that looks after your computer's technical problems. It is quite often posts like this, or not to name names but PC Magazine, is also quite noted for giving such 'tips' that lead to major problems such as antivirus and/or anti-spyware programs not doing the job they are supposed to because of loopholes from disabling certain services.  If you are a client of mine and are reading this post then I might suggest throwing me that email question as to how you can get your system optimized the tweaked without causing shortfalls with the operating system. Note that I do try to give many TIPS on OPTIMIZING both through this blog and through my website.