Saturday, October 24, 2009

Twitter-Do you use it and if so, how?

Twitter has become a sort of 'machine language' of it's own, with the api's of so many other programs that now 'share' the data, this data which comes from the Twitter source.  Just as Google is with search and so when you start comparing them, you can understand the reason they may work better apart then as one. When one company purchases another, essentially taking their technology so that it can be their own and utilize it in to making either a product they already own, better, or to enhance the market share they already own.   Someone like Kevin Rose of who basically purchased an off-shoot of something of his own creation ''. When he (Digg)  noticed the data was of so much value that he (Digg) should own it all. Nothing wrong with this, especially in his case because of the way he thinks, he will create or do something even better, to push technology.

So for one company to purchase the other as in Google to purchase Twitter, this would give Google the full rights to that twitter data, which essentially is that machine language.   With Google owning so much of the internet, is that a good thing?  Depends on who you ask and how you think about it.  The fact that Google is pushing technology means this is a good thing and can only help whereas others may argue they have too