Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windows 7 Engineers using feedback

Since the early days of computing, when there is a problem that affects that way you use the computer you would typically get somebody to fix it. The problem now doesn't seem to be getting somebody to fix it, rather, how long do you wait until you actually figure it is a problem that needs fixing?

The Windows 7 engineering team utilized the feedback they would get each and every time someone would submit it and it works as ARS Technica reports:

Windows 7 engineers: how feedback shaped the final release

The fact that we now are pretty much tied to the internet all the time (our computers are, not us personally-at least not yet), should also mean your computer can stay optimized all the time instead of waiting until you know you have a problem. This is where the times are changing. You shouldn't have a fast, clean, efficient computer experience only right after the computer tech has cleaned it, not when your technician can help you remotely... are you taking advantage of this service? You should be!