Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Family Matter-update

First of all I do want to thank all that have sent their prayers and
warm wishes for my Mother. Unfortunately the stroke was not the only
problem as a groath in the back of her throat was found during the CT
scan which has been determined to be cancerous, and because of the
most recent stroke there is nothing that can be done on this matter.
Talk about a strong woman however, during this scan it was determined
that in fact it was a stroke which affected her speach, three
additional strokes from a previous time, on the other side of the
brain were found which apparently did not affect her in any way as
these appeared to be quite old.

In any case Mom has now been moved to the Andy Moog Hospice house
where she is resting quite comfortably, listening to her favorite
sport--curling, cheering on Kevin Martin and/or Glen Howard to victory.