Monday, March 19, 2012

Tether for Mac software

Note to self: Don't upgrade if it is working fine!  I should have waited and reviewed before performing the upgrade to the latest tether software (version 2.0) for mac as I am using attempting to use the tether app that I was lucky enough to purchase back when it was available, last November 2011, for less than a week I believe.  In any case, having the Ipad 3G and now the Ipad 4G I figured I would give it a spin but found my MacPro seemed to continue to disconnect so I figured there might be an update, which there was.. but not knowing this new version was wireless based as well as HTML 5 based, which is great of course, it wasn't going to do me much good since it was the IOS tether app, which I believe is known as Itether, that I have installed on the Ipad/Iphone and performing the upgrade of the Mac software made this null and void.. fortunately there were websites that had cached the software and I was able to reinstall the older (version 1.0) back to the original and viola, everything is working.  I am not getting much over 1mbps but for what I am currently working on that will suit me just fine.