Friday, September 14, 2012

GoDaddy Outage Credited (I think?)

For those of you aware of the recent outage of any and all GoDaddy Hosted websites, rumours were they were going to credit everyone a free month.  Well I just received my email from them but note this credit is NOT automatic, nor do they make it simple to figure out if the credit was even truly added. As well, most importantly, if you do receive the email, it appears you only have 7 days to click on the credit link. Read the email below and notice the FINE PRINT (which I have increased the font size for you to read much easier then I did initially)

We owe you a big apology for the intermittent service outages we experienced on September 10 that may have impacted your website, your email and other Go Daddy services.

We let you down and we know it. We take our responsibilities — and the trust you place in us — very seriously. I cannot express how sorry I am to those of you who were inconvenienced.

The service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables. Once the issues were identified, we took corrective actions to restore services for our customers and We have implemented a series of immediate measures to fix the problem.

At no time was any sensitive customer information, including credit card data, passwords or names and addresses, compromised.

Throughout our history, we have provided 99.999% uptime in our DNS infrastructure. This is the level of performance we expect from ourselves. Monday, we fell short of these expectations. We have learned from this event and will use it to drive improvement in our services.

As a result of this disruption, your account will be credited for the value of 1 month of service for each plan that has at least one active or published site (Web Hosting, Quick Shopping Cart®, Website Builder, Email, etc.).* This credit will be available to you for the next 7 days. Please click the button below to redeem your credit. 


It's an honor to serve you. As always, please call us 24/7 at 480-505-8877 — anytime, for any reason. 


Scott Wagner

And now the fine print!

*We will issue you a credit for one month's value of the following plans that you own that had
 at least one active or published site as of September 10, 2012: Web Hosting, WordPress Blog
 Hosting, Website Builder, Quick Shopping Cart, Dream Design Team Website Design or Web
 Store Design, Dedicated or Virtual Dedicated Servers, CashParking, or any paid email account
 (Web-based or Hosted Exchange). You must click to redeem your credit 
by September 20, 2012 at midnight (Pacific Time). Your in-store credit will expire 2 years 
after redemption and cannot be refunded for cash. Credits are subject to the terms and 
conditions in Go Daddy's Universal Terms of Service.Go Daddy is always looking out for
 your Internet safety. Learn how to verify legitimate emails and detect email fraud by 
visiting and clicking "Security Center" under "About Go Daddy." 
Please do not reply to this email, as we are not able to respond to messages sent to this address.

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