Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Iphone 5 and Apple

On Wednesday, Sept 12, 2012 Apple had their typical "new device event" where the Iphone 5 was announced. I am sure if you are reading this then you are already well aware of this since the news is everywhere and it seems like every tech website is posting reviews already.  Not only reviews but they are comparing it to other phones already on the market. One comment I note is that it will go on sale at the "same price as the Iphone 4S" and we should all be happy about that?!  I'm sorry, but new technology and computers are constantly dropping in price so where do they get off thinking this is a good deal, being the same price as the older unit?  In my honest opinion I believe Apple, who once was  always the Bleeding Edge Tech Supplier on this planet is now no longer the case with this most recent release. In fact I think they are about a year behind the times.  Making mention of LTE and how it is lighter and thinner are all great but certainly nothing new. Oh, the connector is new and so long as you don't want to plug it in with your old cables.. but you can.. just shell out more $$ for an adapter.  I'm sorry but I thought that we all decided that USB was going to be the standard charging device world wide?  How did Apple get around this?

Don't get me wrong, I'm most certainly an Apple fan.. My first apple product was the Macbook (white 2007 model) with the purchase of the ipod touch (32gb), followed by the MacBook Pro all still in full use. I also currently own the Iphone 3GS (was waiting for 5 but now decided I will wait for Ipad Mini), Ipad 1, 2 and 3 (all with 3g/4g) so feel it is safe for me to voice my opinions.

With the new metal back on the new Iphone, this should help with all the horror stories of cracked glass . Personally I have dropped my Samsung Note (5.3 inch screen) once only and the back blew off and the battery dropped out but the unit is just fine. I have since placed my phone in to a case but only so that it has a better grip. I never put screen protectors on it because I like the feel of the glass, not to mention if/when I do use the pen. But I digress, this post was about the new Iphone and Apple not their competitors, which are not just Samsung but every other company that produces an LTE device with a battery that lasts throughout the working day!  Yes, this is also something everyone seems to be ga-ga about.. a phone that actually gets 8 hours of talk time.. excuse me but wasn't this one of the biggest complaints of the Iphone always?  So why are we now supposed to be excited about this?

I think people must get over this initial Wow factor of the new device and look between the lines at this as being something that is truly a great phone made by the leader of mobile technology.. maybe its just me wanting more...I guess that is why I am going to hold off and wait for the ipad mini..