Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple Ipad Mini Announcement

As with everyone in the tech industry awaiting the news of the Apple Ipad Mini today I too wait and wonder just how wonderful it will be.  I must say, since the passing of Steve Jobs, I feel as though Apple's leading edge with regards to all things new in tech seems to be lost.  Using the recent Iphone 5 as an example, there was certainly nothing new here. With a larger phone but nothing like what Android phones have become, with my current Samsung Galaxy Note at 5.3 inches, the Iphone 5 only 4 inches. Certainly nothing new with any other features either since Siri has been out for a while.

I recently picked up the Nexus 7 tablet and must say it is truly one fast little unit. The only thing missing from it is a 3G/4G antenna and I'm sure that is right around the corner. But knowing I can tether my Note's wifi when I am out in the wild means it truly isn't something I will miss.  So I guess if the Ipad Mini does manage to show up with a 3G/4G feature then yes, that will truly be unique in the 7 inch tablet field (currently) but what else is there?  It is going to be locked down just like all IOS devices are so that is definitely something to consider when comparing to any Android device. Don't get me wrong, I have bitten the Apple and quite enjoy the taste, as I have all three versions of the Ipad 3G (4G on the latest) as well as one of the earlier generations Ipod Touch and Iphone3GS but those were bought when this tech was truly leading edge.

I'm not going to be holding my breath on this upcoming announcement but am hoping for something special....