Thursday, October 04, 2012

Using Multiple Calendars on your Ipad

If you are using Google Calendars and now own an ipad and want to sync more than one calendar, using the normal method of 'exchange server' will only provide the first calendar you have set up, as I have learned.  It became quite apparent that you are going to have to 'subscribe' to the other calendars using the address link Google provides but that seemed too difficult and so the search was on for finding an easier way, since I did know that Google just recently made it easier to share this information on IOS devices. I came across a very useful entry at that explains it the best:  Note that I have highlighted the most important section and link below!

Quite different from iOS 4, iOS 3.2 does not yet support calendars with your Gmail account. Instead, you need to set up a CalDAV account.
To do this on the iPad, open Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap on Add Account…, then select Other and choose Add CalDAV Account from the list of choices under the Calendars list.
Next, enter as the Server, and use your Google Account Information for the User Name and Password fields. At this point if you exit Settings and open the Calendar, you will find that only one calendar is accessible: your default Google Calendar.
If you have multiple Calendars set up in Google Calendars, there is one last step you need to perform. All the how-to’s I found indicated that you need to use your desktop browser in “developer mode” to act as an iPhone Safari Browser by changing the user-agent setting as well as disabling JavaScript. I found that this course of action no longer works. Something must have changed on Google’s side. Instead, I simply navigate to the Safari Browser on my iPad. From here I can see all of my Google Calendars and I can select which ones to sync with my iPad.
Now, when I open the native Calendar App on iPad, I can see all of my Google Calendars. I’ve added entries, and they’ve all synced nicely. In our household, we have a master Family Calendar on the iPad that everyone can update from a central place. We then subscribe to each published calendar from our personal devices. For family occasions, school events and other shared activities, this is a convenient way to share information with the whole family and still have one central point of control that all can access and update.