Sunday, October 07, 2012

Using Chrome with Multiple Users (TIP)

A question I have been receiving more often is the use of Chrome's multiple user feature and how to make it open the specific user each time.  If you search through Chrome's own help pages you will find this help, but more precisely, to have the user you want to appear when you click on the icon, it appears you have to have that window open as the last user. By this I mean, so long as the account you are using was the last used, it will be the one that opens next, and by following the quick keyboard commands from this help page, you can switch user rather quickly if it isn't the correct one when you first click on the icon. Since this will only happen once in your computer session it should be a small price to pay rather then creating an entirely separate windows user account if surfing the web and having your own settings is really all you need, especially if you share the same email address with your spouse/partner.