Saturday, September 21, 2013

No Agenda Producers Update

Dear Producers and Supporters,

Adam is flying back tonight from Los Angeles where he will havesuffered with the elites. I’m sure we will learn something with his report tomorrow.

We already learned that we did poorly contribution-wise on the show last Thursday. I want to remind people that this is your show and you must support it better than you did last Thursday.


You do not have to give anything, of course, and you do not have to give a lot either. But it helps if you give something. Please help with a Welcome back Adam by clicking here and contributing to the Sunday Show.

Tomorrow’s show. I went to the EFF Whistle-blower Awards on Thursday night and have a few stories to tell. But much of the news is very scattered this week as another round of USA Democrat versus Republican bickering has become a serious distraction of the week.

It’s funny how distractions of the week manage to literallyclog up the news lines. Despite the fact that the public seems uninterested in all this bickering, it takes front and center on all the alphabet soup networks. So what is missing from the popular mainstream news? You’ll find out tomorrow.

Your co-host

John C. Dvorak
PS If you make a contribution today make sure to wish BuzzKillJr a happy birthdaySunday is his birthday!

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