Saturday, October 05, 2013

No Agenda Producers Update

Dear producers,

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If you completely missed the Thursday newsletter there is a version here to read.

Sunday promises to deliver more great content. And, of course, we will discuss the trigger-happy cops that shot and killed the unarmed mom of a one-year old – also in the car – killing the mom because she didn’t follow orders
Washington, D.C. is crawling with police of every sort. You’d think that they could have simply stopped this woman but in a series of scenes that were reflective of incredible incompetence AND reminiscent of the actual Keystone Kops, they had to shoot up the place and put the Capitol on lockdown in the process.

Curiously, the last newsletter had used a picture of the Keystone Kops to illustrate other examples of this. The final conclusion, as stated by a police official, “We do not think this was a terrorist attack” What an insightful analysis!

In the process it appears as if at least one police cruiser was a total wreck, apparently after rolling over or being hit by other police cars. Nobody wants to discuss it. This is comedy at its finest.

With all the overlaid jurisdictions in the Capitol, I was stunned that no bystanders or other police were  killed by friendly fire. It’s amazing good luck.

I don’t know about you, but panicky trigger-happy cops all over town does not make anyone feel safe.

And one of our producers pointed out that it is interesting that when the news media reports on cops using an AR-15 rifle they are called “semi-automatic rifles.” If a member of the public owns the same gun they are referred to as an “assault rifle.” Subtle but important difference.

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Your Co-host

John C. Dvorak

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