Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Remember, Nothing is FREE on the Internet!-Apple Mavericks!

I find myself constantly repeating these words to clients that end up with a real mess of malware/spyware on their system after a very simple CLICK of something that said 'free download'. Remember, most downloads are free, it is the act of installing and using the program where you will find you have to pay for it, either by limited use until you fork out for the 'pro' version, or by simply screwing up the rest of your computer due to the fact that what you just installed is malicious.

Ok so maybe I'm being too harsh on the new operating system Mavericks, released by Apple but seriously it does make you wonder.  Of course I do realize it is brand new and with anything new there will be bugs. No matter how many 'pre-releases' are sent out in to the wild, it isn't until the mass users install and use with whatever strange configurations they have set up.  I had already tweeted my dismay when I went to install on my 2007 Macbook only to find it wouldn't install and this after reading that 2007 devices would work. Blame me for not noticing they were referring to the 2007 iMac and not the Macbook. In any case Mountain Lion works just fine on that device so no worries.  I did however install it on my Macbook Pro and initially had a few freeze ups that were cleared after completing the updates.   It is my job to be thorough and learn from my own mistakes so that I can fix them for my clients and that being said, if you are an Apple user and are wondering if you should be installing this new, FREE operating system, not that Apple has ever charged much for a new O/S release, but I suggest holding off a month or so. You aren't missing anything new and you won't have to deal with all the problems once a few updates have been ironed out.