Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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 No Agenda
Dear Producer,
When the story broke that certain meaty Hot Pockets products were filled withdiseased and unsound meat from some large meat factory called the Rancho Feeding Corporation, it was the symbolic time to make the comparison between large carelesscorporate meat packing operations, large arrogant corporate food processing operations and large corrupt corporate media corporations. They all feed you diseased and unhealthy products. 


You should probably be surprised that the corporate mainstream media even covers this sort of story since it is not in their best interests to remind the public that they are under attack from every side. 

Kill All Humans!

This is exactly why your No Agenda Show is more important to you than ever. It is your healthy solution to understanding the news and the current events around you that will affect your life in unknown ways. It is so important that you continue to supportthe show with your kind and generous contributions. Click here.

When you hear about the Hot Pockets tainted Philly Cheesesteak recall, have you ever wondered about the food scandals that always seem to stem from trying to cheat the public by disregarding standards, careless processing or a lazy disregard for cleanliness? Have you ever noticed that a company can recall sometimes millions of pounds of meat without blinking an eye? How can anyone afford this? They breeze right through it. Sometimes more than once. Are they gouging you so much in the first place that these companies can afford this?

Think about how that works by comparing it to what the phone companies were doing to the US Public in the 1990’s by “slamming” the public and subscribing you to long distance services you never ordered. By the time they were busted and fined they had made millions. The government oversight did nothing as every $100 in fines resulted in better sales. It was actually profitable to continue the practice while paying the fines.


This is the way the world works now. The public (you) be damned. And this is why yourNo Agenda Show is more important to you and your like-minded friends than ever before. Please keep this show alive with continued contributions. Contribute whatever you can afford or choose an option from the support page here.
Stop eating the diseased news fed to you by corporate media and support No Agenda.
Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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