Saturday, February 15, 2014

No Agenda, The Pre-Show

Dear Producers,

You can count on your No Agenda Show to deliver actual news tomorrow. This is despite everyone in the mainstream media being gah-gah over the Olympics despite the US State Department’s best efforts to belittle the event because it is in Russia. That didn’t work and all you sports fans can get your fill of exciting moments in the various sports such as women’s curling, ice jumping, ski flipping, snowboard stunts, ice pole dancing, snow trampoline and hockey. It’s riveting.


The ice crab race

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One of the interesting news items this week was the harsh rejection of the UAW Union by the workers at the VW plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The giant union, of which I was twice a member, wants to unionize the so-called transplant companies who build “imported” cars here in the USA. It may mark the symbolic end of major labor unions in the USA as they may have simply out-lived their usefulness. As a person involved in Unions most of my life, you will want to hear my thoughts about this.


Ok, now just stand still.

Celebrity news is big this week (and every week) as Ellen Page, in a blatant effort to get more Twitter followers came out of the closet as gay. (Does anyone come out of the closet as straight? Or ambivalent? Why not?) This revelation was all over the news because it is so important to everyone, especially Page who needs more followers. Your No Agenda Show will have none of this nonsense. Follow @adamcurry and @therealdvorak instead.

Guess what? I'm GAY!!
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In more important news, apparently the big Beluga whales have been infected by Toxoplasma Gondii, the weird cat parasite that makes people actually like cats. This has been blamed on Global warming, of course. I blame it on cats. This is an omen that says “Support No Agenda” in the morning.

You will OBEY!

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Your co-host,

John C. Dvorak
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