Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Google Chrome Browser does more than just browse the web!

If you are new to the Chrome Browser or maybe you have been using it for some time, there are probably a few things you were unaware of.  Besides the obvious "type anything and press enter" to get the search results on Google, did you know you can check for flights?  Quite simply type the word flight and the two places, point A to B.  So for example if you are searching for flights from Vancouver to Miami you would just type flight vancouver miami. Of course the first two or three items will be an AD as you will see by the Orange AD sticker buy directly beneath that will be Flights from Vancouver to Miami.

Another great feature of the Chrome Browser is the calculator functions.  If you are wanting to know what 28% of 350 is, simply type that in to the chrome address bar, "28% of 350" You will end up with a calculator showing you the result of 98. Not only that but now the calculator remains open for you to continue other functions if you need. You can also do things like 5+6+13+8 and you will get the answer. 

For more tips and chrome help visit the help center here and of course contact me for any other technical issues you may require assistance with.