Friday, March 11, 2016

Fed up with Windows 10? There's always Chromebook!

Ok I know my job is to fix the problems you are having with your computer. Most of you are using Windows but many have started migrating over to Mac. Believe me when I say you are only spending more money for what will end up being similar frustrations down the road. Yes, I do fix Mac issues too, but just like the extra money you spent on owning an Apple product, odds are if/when it comes time to repair a problem it will also be more costly to fix.  To be honest, since the passing of Steve Jobs, in my opinion the Apple products have gone down hill in a big way. They have gone from a bleeding edge company to just another company providing very solid technology but nothing we haven't already been using.  

Along comes the Chromebook a number of years ago. Bill Gates, when he was still making daily trips in to the office each and every day, was worried for this newcomer and now with Chromebooks accounting for over 50 percent (Tech Times) of all computers in the education system, there is good reason for him to be worried.   Since Chromebook doesn't require me to fix it, I'm obviously cutting my own throat here but to be honest, I would rather see those that count on me to keep their technology working, happy!  Windows will always be around (for now) but it doesn't mean you can't try something new.. something that works, and the longer you own it, the faster it becomes.. as Chromebook automatically updates itself with the latest build of the operating system which is always improved from the previous version. No need for antivirus so your system isn't bogged down with anti-malware and virus monitoring software. Not to mention you can pick one of these units up for $200 or less, you can also pay a premium for the top of the line Chromebook Pixel which will put the very latest Macbook Pro to shame!  Questions? Just ask.I've been using Chromebooks since they first hit the market and own 3 of them so I do know a thing or two about them.