Saturday, October 22, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Dear Producers,
On Oct. 26th we celebrate 9 years of producing and delivering for you the best podcast in the Universe. More importantly we come close to November 8 and the miserable Presidential campaign will be over. So let’s celebrate that too.

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The No Agenda Show is unlike any other podcast.
And, as promised, here are some brand new “Confucius say” (written by Marty Higgins for No Agenda) gems for your amusement. These will be compiled into a giblet sometime soon. Enjoy and ask yourself what other podcast gives you news analysis and Confucius sayings?
Boy who practice to become expert archer – suffer many drawbacks!

Man who lose eyesight give up archery – no longer able to see point!

Woman who visit weight-lifter club to meet gymnast – have better luck at bars!

Man who fail to train for Olympic luge race – find it a lot toboggan for!

Woman who wish to win Olympic Gold on bicycle – must put pedal to medal!

Woman who keep track and field winnings in Warsaw bank – have interest in Pole vault!

Man who sued to get announcer job at Greyhound Track – agree to call off dogs!

Man who borrow money enter weightlifting competition – never forget supporter!

Woman who take Dalmatian to workout at gym – have no need to spot him!

Man who rename his bathroom “James” – go to Jim every morning!
That should suffice. Tune in tomorrow for a great show.
Sincerely and thanks,

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