Saturday, October 29, 2016

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No Agenda is apparently blessed by the news cycle. Each new show explores some outrageous new news item that is often stunning.

And here we go again
So now, during a routine investigation of the Anthony “the flasher” Weiner sexcapades, something was found in his emails on his phone. The led to perhaps something found on his wife’s confiscated devices, which led to the FBI re-opening the Clinton email scandal.
The gift that keeps on giving. The show has deconstructed this character over and over. Wait until he checks himself into "rehab" then begins the talk show circuit with a book to peddle. Cripes.
This is 10 days before the election and everyone is unhappy. Everyone except the news outlets which are jubilant. No Agenda will break this down better than any news analysis operation anywhere.
Tune in tomorrow for a great show.
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OK, here are a few pics I collected this week worth sharing with you.
I personally thought this pic was frightening
when I first saw this I knew it was a Photoshop job but I honestly believed there was more to it than a simple head swap and dropping some cans in front. (Is that a dildo too?)
The original.
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