Saturday, June 03, 2017

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This week’s show will a continue a discussion between the dimension A/dimension B rift which is trying to tear the country apart. I have some parallel thoughts tomorrow about the lead up to the civil war that began in 1860.

And it looks as if the Paris climate change deal was a big enough event that the debate continues.

In the meantime, we have the Kathy Griffin lunacy that continues along with the fact that Bill Maher called himself a “house nigger” referring to post-civil war jargon, which was inappropriate. The comic class does not seem to know how to be funny with Trump without being frazzled by the situation.
People familiar with the history of stand-up comedy in the USA should realize that a new form should emerge in the same way that Mort Sahl emerged during the Eisenhower administration. He became a specific comedy icon in that era.

Currently everyone is scrambling and actual humor seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Instead we get a comic holding a severed head as a statement, which she later cries about and apologizes and then somehow blames Trump.
Some humor has emerged from the creative visual artists. They have tried to make visual memes stick. A few newsletters ago I highlighted the photoshop pics of Trump with a very long tie. This mocked his long ties and gave us some genuinely funny images. This was a one shot that never got that much traction. It was momentary humor.
Even less successful was the attempt about a month ago to portray Trump as a dwarf. Either this was politically incorrect or went against the idea that he was a big fat guy and we should ridicule him for that.

These often tended to match him up with Obama is some insulting way. The theme was intended to infantilize him and were almost all done when the "unfit for the office" meme was active.

The dwarf photoshop jobs got my attention because a lot of them were very humorous. Here are the funniest ones I managed to collect.
The failure to become a successful meme was probably due to the corporate media collectively deciding to completely ignore the images. So that was the end of it. I suspect that the political photoshoppers will soon reveal a new idea.

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