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Tomorrow we talk about poop, Comey, the media and politics.

Denver has legalized public defecation, a public health hazard. On the Twitter I noticed that people said this was to encourage immigrants to come to Denver. This is nonsense, who wants to go to freezing Denver to poop in the streets?
That said, I cannot understand the reason for the new law unless it is because of complaints to police of human poop all over the streets done by the homeless. They have to poop somewhere. Where do they poop? Nobody wants to put up public facilities of any sort so people are crapping and peeing everywhere.

The worst case scenario is in liberal San Francisco which encourages the homeless to be there, but does little to accommodate them.

Click on map to access data. Zoom in on map to see individual poops on specific streets. Lots of detail and a reporting system is in place to keep the map up-to-date. Ask yourself by any tourist would visit a place with such a map which is considered a necessity by the locals.

Anyone who works in the city is very aware of the San Francisco online poop map (above). You can zoom in on any street and find the documented human feces and where it was deposited. My daughter, who helps manage a dog-walking company, is aware of this map and wonders why dog poop has to be picked up but human poop remains all over San Francisco.

When it rains the streets the sidewalks are essentially human crap-laden sewers that you are walking through. It’s gross.
I think San Francisco is the human poop capital of America. If that’s not bad enough people obviously pee all over the place too. Here is an article about how people pee all over the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) subway system to such an extreme that it gums up the escalators and elevators of the system.
Ask yourself what other podcast would take on this disgusting topic. We won’t dwell on it, of course, but you’ll hear a couple of choice tidbits about how the tech corporate giants are largely responsible for this situation.

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