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The Mooch

If there are news gods then they must have a sick sense of humor.Scaramouchi. Before anyone could even develop an impersonation, he was gone. The Dimension B maven explain it in simple terms. The White House is in chaos and the 11 day reign of the mooch was an example of it.

There are, in fact, numerous possibilities and it was obvious after the fact that he was a short timer.
One reason for the quick exit, it is believed, was that he was brought in to ferret out the leaker. He did (Preibus) and was no longer needed.

Another was he was brought in and abruptly fired because of the nasty things he said about Trump when he was a Jeb Bush supporter. This was done as retribution.

A fourth possibility is that he was brought in just long enough to dump his portfolio at a profit and it would be a tax-free profit because when you enter government service and are forced to sell anything, no taxes are collected.

Whatever the case, the Trump White House is not going to let things slide along, that’s for sure.
Preibus, who Trump boosted as his “superstar,” never seemed to fit the job and was not inclined to be a Chief of Staff. He did not seem comfortable. He was a guy who apparently could solicit money from Republicans like nobody else. He’ll go back to that.

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The Photoshopped Pic of the Week
The shot below appears to be Photoshopped and floats around the net as real. It's titled "Gad Answering your prayer." Very funny.
On a recent show John was discussing the over coverage of Trump. This was the graphic he referred to.
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