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Not happy after Thursday
THE SHOW. The saga of the Queen versus Charles continues while the Trump-obsessed mainstream media worldwide is ignoring the story assuming it is a hoax. The William as next King tale has been told over and over since January and maybe before then.

Who is orchestrating this? Various people hoping to find a way to bypass Charles who is generally disliked. A good article in Vogue here discusses the matter. Snopes says the story about William is false.
Vogue makes it clear that something is up but concludes that Charles will get the job, no matter what you’ve heard.

Here is the story in the Mercury News that predates the recent confusionindicating that there is some palace intrigue for sure. In the meantime, do not take any bets on this.
These could be hollow for all we know
The North Korea situation is bubbling along with local reports on the West Coast of DPRK fear with people condemning local governments for not having more bomb shelters. This is a real eye-roller for a No Agenda producer, but dimension B folks are freaking out even more than ever actually believing an A-bomb will hit any minute, while not considering anything logical.

Also the Google sexism story (distraction of the week) has more legs than it should.

And expect some very special reporting. The No Agenda Show is a lifeline to reality and calm thinking.
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