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Podcasting is indeed dog eat dog
Meme Alert. The communities in California are backing off a bit insofar as condemning President Trump. You will hear, the following  meme said with blasé authority, “Well, none of this matters because Trump will be out by the end of the year.”

I have personally heard this from three different people as if it were a fact. It reminds me of the meme heard during the campaign that Trump was going to quit the campaign out of the blue. This was also delivered as cocksure matter-of-fact.

What exactly happens to this frame of mind when Trump is NOT out by the end of the year? Does the insanity double down? Only No Agenda will analyze this in ways that actually make sense and help guide you to a foundation of reality.
The mainstream media is producing lot of unreality that is unhealthy to absorb. Are they doing it on purpose? I personally do not think so. Their milieu seems grounded in unreality and they are very sincere. Every so often some mainstream character drifts away from the milieu and manages fabulous realistic reports as though they’ve personally discovered something. You see it with media types who go to Trump rallies and find information that makes no sense to them.

This never lasts because the comfort of the MSM milieu is such that they are sucked back easily and  figure they must have been confused about things for a while.
Some things may never change. This guy is totally unhinged and seriously hates Trump and disrespects the Presidency to an extreme.
Meanwhile, it’s hard to find the origin of the “out by the end of the year” meme but it seems to be used as a bromide to stay calm and it works. Hate tweeting and hysteria seem to be waning, at least for now. After all, nothing bad is happening and he’s out by the end of the year. Perfect.

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