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Maybe the best show ever done.Tomorrow!

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Dear Producers,
Tomorrow is show 10-18 which according to the police 10 codes means “Urgent/Complete assignment ASAP.”

The assignment of the No Agenda Show is to deconstruct the news stories with urgency and move to the next. It’s quite a feat since nobody else can do it at all, it seems. Of course this can only be done because the show is commercial-free and not dependent on corporate sponsorships and advertising.

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While searching for an image to reflect "10-18" this cropped up in a Bing search and it seems to apply to the No Agenda Show in some way.
On Tomorrow’s show you’ll hear about the Austin mad bomber who blew himself up just today. Also, it seems those kidnapped Nigerian school girls from years back were finally released. What happened there?

And just for you, we’ll take apart the dubious Facebook “breach.” In fact, there are a lot of odd stories to go over on tomorrow’s show. Be prepared.

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John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Weird, Wacky, and Hilarious Album Covers II
There are professional artists who designed these things. Do they have any pride whatsoever?
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