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The Stormy Daniels  Show

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Again, there is a lot of weird news hitting the airwaves, much of it stirred up by the 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels which got the show its highest ratings in 10 years.

So what happened 10 years ago that caused the ratings downward spiral was a question that jumps out at you. It has gotten so bad that they have to do a sleazy interview like this and discuss whether or not the President uses condoms? Ewww.

In fact, 60 Minutes lost its guru Don Hewitt who retired in 2004 then died in 2009 which began the slide. Slowly the seasoned TV journalists were mostly replaced by hacks like Anderson Cooper who breathlessly did the interview with Stormy Daniels.
Hewitt. Apparently the only guy who could make the format work.
Few people had any doubts that Don Hewitt would have killed such an idea.

Taking over the show with one long interview and notable innuendo about Trump and the Russians, the show tried to connect (in your mind, at least) Daniels to the Russians (in 2006, mind you). It was painful to watch. And it shows the future of 60 Minutes.
It is simply too difficult for this crew to do serious journalism anymore, partly because of no talent and miserable budgets. 60 Minutes is going to go the way of its old competitors 20/20 (ABC) and Dateline (NBC) which gave up on the news magazine idea and, instead, develop long single issue shows usually unravelling some murder case. This is the rathole that 60 Minutes is destined to fall into.

And while the right-wing talk radio stations pooh-pooh CBS for the this low-brow programming, they all fail to mention the topper years earlier by 20/20 – the broadcast interview of Monica Lewinsky by Barbara Walters. The Stormy Daniels interview gained around 22 million viewers. Back in 1999 the Lewinsky interview captured 70 million viewers – a record for any news magazine program, ever.
Ratings butt-kickers
So there is that. And still Clinton trudged ahead to become a hero of the partydespite an impeachment with no conviction. Partisanship at this level was not invented by Trump.

The news media will not even mention the high-rated Lewinsky interview, which is indeed an apt comparison, again proving that they are not serving their audience but instead serving other interests.
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John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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